20"x30" Oil on canvas


Description of Crushed Olive

24″ x 37″ x 3-1/2″ oil on canvas.

My daughter named this oil painting: Crushed Olive.

My paintings typically have lots of curves and bright colors which makes
for a much more interesting visual composition.

In this painting, I wanted to use the color green and its complimentary
color red together for maximum impact; something that would catch the
eye and hold it. Check out the additional pics underneath the photo.
As you can see, the painting looks great over a modern sofa.

Painted: June, 2011 and signed by me, Frank Stapleton



Do you see an olive or something else? Use your imagination. Anyone who purchases this oil painting, has the right to rename it according to what they see. This also applies to my other imagination paintings. See the supporting photo by clicking on the right arrow just under the image.