Books I Wrote



This is a book that I wrote on miracles — “Calling In The Rain.” It has to do with how miracles really work ( in my opinion). I studied the miracles in the Bible from a “Human Factor Engineering” point of view and have discovered something about faith that I don’t believe most people or pastors realize. This book would not make a lot of people happy but it should. That’s why I haven’t published it — I just don’t feel like dealing with the controversy…mostly from Christians. However, I might change my mind later because I believe that this information would clear up a lot of confusion about miracles and how it works. Contrary to what a lot of people believe, there is a formula for a miracle  in the Bible that has very little to do with faith.

Also, there’s insight about demons, spiritual discernment, and a secrete about what people reveal about themselves the moment they speak.


This is a book that I wrote about ten years ago and has sold hundreds of copies. Another version of it has also been selling on Amazon. I’m in the process up updating both books in the next week or so.


A Brush With Words — has to do with poems that I wrote that are shown with art that I’ve created.



This is a book that I am launching this week on Amazon called, Celestial Dialogues.


Indulge in 12 thoughtful and fast-paced conversations between archetypal opposites: Good and Evil, Revenge and Forgiveness, Light and Darkness, plus nine more themes that can fundamentally change your life.

In a face-to-face meeting Darkness tells the Light how misguided it is to give people free will and then disown them if they don’t choose the Light. “Is that fair?”

Revenge wastes no time telling Forgiveness that retribution is a necessary evil that helps assure mankind’s survival. Thus it is justified and should not be considered a sin.

The book brings to life a lively back and forth dialogue between Liberalism and Conservatism. It will have you re-examining your own opinions when Conservatism tells Liberalism that she will grow weary of her children one day.

By the time you finish with all of these conversations, you will either stand your ground or change your position, hence, change the way you operate.