Celestial Dialogues Book Sale

Indulge in 12 thoughtful and fast-paced conversations between archetypal opposites: Good and Evil, Revenge and Forgiveness, Light and Darkness, plus nine more themes that can fundamentally change your life.

In a face-to-face meeting Darkness tells the Light how misguided it is to give people free will and then disown them if they don’t choose the Light.  “Is that fair?”

Revenge wastes no time telling Forgiveness that retribution is a necessary evil that helps assure mankind’s survival.  Thus it is justified and should not be considered a sin.

The book brings to life a lively back and forth dialogue between Liberalism and Conservatism. It will have you re-examining your own opinions when Conservatism tells Liberalism that she will grow weary of her children one day.

By the time you finish with all of these conversations, you will either stand your ground or change your position, hence, change the way you operate.




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