The Rapture

I can’t help but think that the Rapture prophesies were for those people who lived at the time that they were given. To my mind, it’s too long of a time (over 2000 years) to ask people to watch for the Rapture unless people are being ruptured all the time and we just don’t realize it.

Not only that, who is this John on Island of Patmos? There’s no genealogy given about him so that we can know who he is. Where did he come from and who gave him the authority to write this book?

This John, who I don’t think is the apostle John, seems to come out of nowhere, gives all these prophesies and then threatens to take away the lamp stands from the churches if they don’t fall in line etc.

You would think that something as important as the book of Revelations would assure us that it was John the apostle who wrote the book of Revelations. Most modern day scholars don’t think that it was the apostle John; the one who walked with Christ. Until someone can convince me otherwise, I’m just not going to buy into the idea that the book of revelations applies to these last days. However, I’m open to be proven wrong. I’m only after the right answer.