The Moon

The Rapture

Musings By: Frank L Stapleton

  1. Creation is not an automatic process minus a creator.
  2. Civilization won’t be around long enough to know all there is to know.
  3. The rooster and the chicken came before the egg.
  4. Those who promote evolution do the work of science, not the work of God.
  5. Evolution only produces gods that live about hundred years.
  6. When you judge others, God lets them off the hook.
  7. With only two people, there’s no tie-breaker to settle a dispute.
  8. There is no law against wanting to kill someone but it seems that there should be.
  9. Forgiveness will cut your enemies list by one hundred percent.
  10. God is not slow, He’s long suffering.
  11. Forgiveness has the other person’s interest in mind, while revenge has your best interest in mind.
  12. There wouldn’t be any people around if revenge was the only tool to settle differences.
  13. Mountains won’t move if you won’t move when someone makes a request of you.
  14. The bridge over evolution is called creationism.
  15. The first thing that ever happened was, something moved.
  16. It took approximately fourteen billion years to create this book and I was chosen to do it.
  17. Seeing recognizable images robs the imagination.
  18. If artist played by the rules, there would be no abstract art.
  19. The first words that were ever spoken were, “let there be light”.
  20. Colors have their own sounds but it takes another sense to hear them.
  21. It isn’t until we look intently do we see things clearly.
  22. When you sleep, your eyes still wants to see.
  23. Beauty is designed to trap.
  24. Those that use only their eyes to see will always be looking.
  25. Colors are made to be pushed around.
  26. ‘Free Will’ is a shaky foundation worth laying.
  27. In order for the past to exist, it must take up residency in the now.
  28. The power to destroy everything on earth is already out of control.
  29. The cost of desire cannot be determined.
  30. If you don’t have it, you didn’t really want it.
  31. Take a whiff if you must, but realize you’re being invaded.
  32. The meaning of life is not life.
  33. The meaning of life is none of your business.
  34. Were it not for sound, you wouldn’t see clearly.
  35. Wear out the doorsteps to your imagination but don’t forget to come home.
  36. The sun is aware of the flower.
  37. Keep quiet if you don’t want to reveal your spirit.
  38. Time is the time it takes.
  39. Is, is the state of things.
  40. Future is empty space.
  41. Even among thorns, a flower can grow.
  42. When the earth is finally eaten by our sun, there will be no evidence that you ever existed.
  43. If the veil was lifted from your eyes you would see everything henceforth, see nothing recognizable.
  44. The more things we name, the less things we fear.
  45. There is no such thing as nothingness because things do exist.
  46. He who controls the microphone controls the world.
  47. The fastest prayer is a miracle.
  48. If you grant the request of others, inanimate objects will obey your command — if you can believe.
  49. If a need is there, the fulfillment of that need is also there.
  50. Most prayers are slow-to-believe-type prayers, that’s why they take so long.
  51. When you perform a miracle, don’t stand there and admire your work. Move on immediately.
  52. The most misunderstood teaching in the bible is, “Give unto Caesar what is Caesar’s”.
  53. Faith to move mountains and faith in God are two totally different things.
  54. Flee from a flatterer; the longer you stay there, the weaker you become.
  55. Realize that when you pay taxes you’re being treated as foreigners in your own country.
  56. Pray: Help thou my unbelief when you can’t believe that a prayer will be answered.
  57. Never quote a bible verse, just own it.
  58. Don’t let any insight that you may have gained follow you into the ground when you die — leave it somewhere.
  59. There are two types of people on earth…participants and observers.
  60. The difference between a liberal and a conservative is conservatives want to be left alone and liberals want to play.
  61. In an age where information abounds, people perish because of a lack of knowledge.
  62. Your teeth are your pearls.
  63. Staying in the now moment is almost impossible.
  64. Soap and forgiveness serve the same purpose.
  65. Hope and bridges serve the same purpose.
  66. With  the sun and moon being round, why did we ever think the earth was flat?
  67. When you chase out the demons in someone, you must release your own demons in greater force to get the job done.
  68. The difference between a miracle and a prayer is speed.
  69. If you truly  forgive, your enemies should be able to make a request of you.
  70. Truth has a twenty-year-plus built-in delay.
  71. Confessing your sin to anyone other than the person you sinned against is ludicrous.
  72. The more information that’s available, the harder it is to find information you can trust.
  73. The smartest thing you can do today is to do something to help increase your life span.
  74. When you see death, you’re seeing the works of the devil, not the works of nature.
  75. In the long run, everyone is damaged by too much free speech.
  76. We should release information based only on the wisdom of releasing it.
  77. Freedom of speech in the mouth of scoundrels cheapens it.
  78. The soul cannot reconcile both good and evil — you must choose one.
  79. When a seed is perverted, its offspring is too.
  80. If our leaders would restrain their free speech for a good reason, their followers would too.
  81. Freedom of speech will eventually lead to most freedoms being taken away.
  82. No one has ever seen freedom runs its full course. We’re in for rough times.
  83. Freedom plus the ten commandments is better than democracy by itself.
  84. A smile shows joy within a person, but the smile itself is not joy.
  85. Spirituality demands that you always be in the now moment, which is the only place where God can be found.
  86. Frankness is the most efficient use of dialogue.
  87. To live in a world of pretense is to never know where you really stand.
  88. The thirst for knowledge cannot be quenched.
  89. Knowledge is a hedge against surprise.
  90. Knowledge is sought after because of its sway.
  91. Discerning the spirit of a person paves the way for real communication.
  92. Liberalism has spoiled her children, hence, she will grow weary of them one day.
  93. When faith in a creator bears witness with intuition, it can be deemed reliable.
  94. While you’re busy looking for evidence that there is no God, God is revealing Himself to those who are searching for Him.