I create abstract paintings because it gives me the opportunity to be unique. It gives me great pleasure to create something that never existed before — something other people can relate to. Engaging the viewer’s imagination is what I try to do with my paintings. Abstract art is the best way I know how to do this.

Interesting shapes, large configurations and color is what my paintings are all about. My style is the result of years of designing new shapes for inventions and products. My brush strokes are smooth to precise and well thought out — indicating that I had something in mind before I started. I believe nothing is arbitrary in good design.

What Motivates Me?

-Hearing someone say, “I love this painting”
-Getting new ideas to explore through abstract art
-Discovering interesting shapes and color combinations
-Great paintings by other painters
-Seeing my art hanging on someone’s wall
-Making a difference in other people’s lives
-A desire to never be forgotten
-Leaving an indelible mark on the world
My favorite tool

The computer is all wise; it allows me to choose colors before I commit to mixing them.